Delocation Tech

Delocation Tech is a means for instant transportation.
(from the Galactic Encyclopedia)


The first known instance of Delocation Tech is from Taraga. The Taragans used it for transportation on their homeworld and later for getting equipment into space. Several other species have also developed Delocation Technology, and certain species seems to have it naturally; as in that they use it to move around (see Ulendra).

How it works

In principle, a Delocator would move an object from point A to point B, however, that isn't exactly how it works. It may be easier to visualise if one instead sees it as moving point A itself to point B, or have them switch places with each other. In a way restructuring the space-time. The process of doing this is quite complex and may seem counter-intuitive to most species. However, experiments have revealed that it is precisely what happens, just like the Delocation theory predicts. Simplified, the Delocator changes the space the object to be transported is occupying to be somewhere else in a deterministic fashion. Interestingly, the "removed" space will instantly be replaced by the space that previously were in the object's new position. So if an object is delocated into the center a star, the object will seemingly be replaced by star material. This effect can be also be utilised by delocating
a region of space not occupied by anything important to bring samples of, for instance stars, in for examination. It can also be used to mine material from neutron stars, however the high gravity of the space will cause immense gravitational radiation once delocated.

Sufficiently advanced Delocators can transport objects over interstellar distances.

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