Article system up and running

Additional coolness

Ah yes. As you may see, this article system supports multiple pages. Automatically. How awesome isn't that?! Well okay, everyone does that nowadays. But they always buy their stuff. I wrote mine on my own. Only took a few hours.

Also note those comments or quotes or whatever up there under "Nocturnal Ninjas". They change everytime you reload the page. If you're a member with special privileges, you can add and change those quotes. And perhaps also that menu there on the left. Of course, there's just one member so far and that's me, but there'll be more eventually. Just like there'll be more articles. Obviously. Probably just low-level members though, whose only power is to write articles.

I just need to chase down those other ninjas of the night so they can help me write stuff... oh who am I writing for anyway. I'm outta here. Bye for now!

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