Ninja: A New Heir

A side-scrolling ninja game

Ninja: A New Heir is a side-scrolling action and exploration game. It is currently on hold, but was developed sporadically in late 2005 and early 2006, using an early version of the Ninja Game Engine. The development is currently on hold until the Ninja Story Engine is complete (it is a system for easily scripting non-linear stories in games).

It takes place four years after Ninja 2 and tells the story of how Reika, with the help of Aykarod, prevented the resurrection of Orvarus at the hands of his loyal servant, Hangfields. You can choose to start to play as either Aykarod or Reika. They have different abilities and weapons available, and take different paths to and in Orvarus deserted castle, though these paths sometimes overlap. Both characters have to be played in order to reveal the full story of the game.


Alpha version (~2 MB)
Notes: It's only an alpha test version. There are a few different weapons and items available to Aykarod, though most swords look alike. Press "R" when starting a new game to play as Reika (though she currently has no weapons at all).


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