About the Ufos Series

This is what it's all about.

The Ufos Series is a series of computer games of varying genres that document mostly the Xerevian invasions of Muinimula, but also the re-discovery of Muinimula, the Ufo war, and the destruction of Xerev, if only indirectly.

A note on the name: The words "Ufo" and "Ufos" are not pronounced as "U.F.O", but as a single word; "You-foe" and "You-fos" (notice the short o-sound). It is derived from the Xerevian word "Yuuforho", meaning something along the lines of brave warrior, which was what the invaders of Muinimula called themselves.

For more information on the events, check out the individual articles.
Invasions of Muinimula: Attack of the Ufos 1-3 (1 and 2 is the same story)
Re-discovery, destruction of Xerev: Attack of the Ufos IV: Sword of Tuodha
Ufo war: Ufo X, Attack of the Ufos: Hunters vs. Ufos (not canon, also has no real story, but is set in that time period)

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