Attack of the Ufos 2

The second game in the series, but the first real game

Attack of the Ufos is a simple turn-based tactics game, combined with a shoot-em-up stage. The objective is to destroy all Ufos before they destroy your bases. At your disposal you have four weapons: A cannon, a laser cannon, a turbo laser and the "Super Bomb". The cannon is the least powerful, but most accurate, and the Super Bomb is the most powerful, but least accurate.

It was made during a weekend in September 2002.


Attack of the Ufos 2 (~2.5 MB)

(And here is an online recreation of the original game, made for a TI-83 calculator, but here with javascript (note: requires browser support for the canvas element) )


Made using 3D GameStudio (version A5)

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