Attack of the Ufos 3

The third game in the Ufos series

Attack of the Ufos 3 expands on the gameplay made popular(?) in Attack of the Ufos 2, adding three levels of shoot-em-up style combat, one space combat simulation-style level, and two classic Attack of the Ufos levels, but with more options and weapons this time around.

The game takes place on the planet Muinimula, 21 years after the last Ufo attack, and documents the events leading up to the fall of the planet.

Made in 2003.


Attack of the Ufos 3 (~27 MB)
Notes: Muinimulan campaign is finished. A Xerevian campaign was planned but is unfinished. It still exists as an option, which currently only contains a test level for a Ufo craft.


Game cover. Print it and put it in an empty DVD box. :)
Ufo base

Made using 3D GameStudio (version A5)

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