Attack of the Ufos: Sword of Tuohda

Fourth game in the Ufos series

Sword of Tuohda is an action adventure game somewhat similar to the Legend of Zelda games. It features a huge game world, strange creatures, compelling characters and a non-linear story.

The game starts off nice enough in a small village, where the player lives. He is recruited by the village elder, who turns out to be a member of an ancient secret society, to destroy a monster that lives near the village. The player is then sent on a quest that thrusts him into events that makes him play a large part in the fate of the entire land.


Download link (~45 MB)
This demo version contains only the first village, one playable dungeon and a few NPCs. Incidentally, this represents the current state of the project rather well. It was produced between 2004 and 2005.


Sword of Tuohda experimental titleNageth VillageThe player

Made using 3D GameStudio

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