Hunters vs. Ufos

Traditional space shooter, now with Ufos

Hunters vs. Ufos was made during a few weeks in mid-2005 for a project in a university course on the C++ programming language. It was later further developed into the "Ninja Game Engine" which UfoX, Det Goda Livet and other of my games use.

The game is a very typical space shooter, and difficult like one, too. There are different powerups that you can collect, that change your weapon, increase your shield strength, kill all enemies on screen, or give you temporary invulnerability. There are also two special powerups: One, that only comes from certain enemies, turns the screen upside down, and changes the three ordinarily available weapons into three superficially similar, but totally different ones (they basically just have the same colour). The enemies also become even harder, but give more points. The other special powerup is the one that activates "Goomba Bonus mode", when your ships starts shooting Goombas, of Super Mario Bros. fame, and every ship hit by one creates a bonus powerup that only gives points. The Goomba mode is deactivated by dying, or collecting a weapon powerup.


Attack of the Ufos: Hunters vs. Ufos (~10.5 MB)


The Goomba Bonus mode is activated

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