The most action-packed Ufos game ever!

UfoX is a classic top-down space shooter with ultra-realistic space physics (but not really). It was developed mostly in 2006 using a homemade C++ game engine based on OpenGL graphics. It is still in development, though the arcade mode is fully functional.

The idea behind UfoX is a space shooter, where you can choose different ships and different weapons to put on them. The different ships have different speed and durability ratings, and the weapons have individual power ratings, and draw different amount of energy. There are also different kinds of missiles (two of which are seen in Ufos 2). You then have to be careful about what weapons to use against what enemies.

There is also to be a "story mode" featuring missions, similar to LucasArts X-Wing game series. These missions are entirely scripted through a simple XML-based scripting system, and the game can thus easily be extended, and perhaps modified by players wanting to write their own missions.


Download UfoX (~10.5 MB)
Also check out the online highscores!


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