UPO 2000

The story of a small humanoid trying to make its way through the universe

UPO 2000 is a top-down space shooter/exploration/adventure ("genre defying") game. It was started in late 2000 and finished mid-2001. "UPO" means "Unidentified Peacuful Object", which is the name of one the "gangs" featured in the game. A gang which according to themselves "hate violence and war, and do their best to kill anyone who engages in either".

The game world consists of six large map areas, each with several planets where the player can land (which is represented by a screen with information on the planet; climate, size, leader etc.), and buy a new ship, and upgrade his current with better engines and weapons.
There are three single-player modes in the game. These are:


Download (~7 MB)
Note: It is a bit buggy, and the green-orange enemies are unbelievably annoying. It is recommended to do a hyperspace jump to another sector if you can't get rid of them.


The planet SykoGas planet of Bensol
One of the deadly "Death Bugs"

Made with 3D GameStudio (A4)

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