UPO 2002

The story of a small man trying to find his kidnapped wife in the universe

UPO 2002 combines the elements of UPO 2000, expands on them and adds an adventure story around it all. It is largely unfinished and was developed sporadically in 2001 and 2002.

The space part of UPO 2000 works much like its predecessor, only this time it is in full 3D(!), and there are more ways to upgrade one's ship and collect money. One can, for instance, mine asteroids for materials, and sell them or have them built into parts which can be installed in one's ships. One can also buy a space garage and keep several ships and spare parts there, and use whatever is best for the current mission.

The adventure part is of pretty standard RPG fare, with a levelling system and experience points. The statistics does however affect part of the space game, especially when it comes to repairing and adding new parts to the ship, when one needs good technical skills.

The story mode of the game tells the tale of one goods transporter (perhaps "space trucker" would be an appropriate term) called Dooey Jo and how his wife was kidnapped by "Squeaks". As he searches for her throughout the galaxy, it becomes apparent that her kidnapping was part of an elaborate plot by a secret Squeak group trying to take over the galactic government from within.

The game is not in a playable state and therefore I can offer no download of it.

Beta screenshots

(Yes, player model is Han Solo, and yes, it is temporary)

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