Article system up and running

This site is now fully armed and operational!

The extremely awesome article system is now up and running, so members can write and edit articles, and then anyone can read them. Of course, it sucks that this little notice is the only thing currently written here, but that'll be fixed eventually. At least no-one will ever have to go through the hazzle of uploading individual pages anymore. Although, the article system in its supreme awesomeness does support such pages too.

Oh, and if something on this page doesn't seem to look quite right, you're probably using a not-so-good browser. This site is written to take advantage of the XHTML1.0 and CSS2 standards. A common browser known as "Internet Explorer" does not support those standards very well. Other ones, such as Firefox or Opera does. Maybe you should try one of those.

Last modified 2006-04-21 23:10:59

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