Det Goda Livet

A three-player game about creating a better tomorrow

Det Goda Livet ("The Good Life") is a game made in the fall of 2007 and early 2008 as a collaboration between the University of Skövde and the regional government to educate and increase people's awareness on sustainable development and the problems of the future. It will be featured in an exhibition at The Gothenburg National History Museum starting in April. It was made in C++ using the Ninja Game Engine.

Play together with your friends and collaborate to create a better world! The farmer wants to become rich and wealthy, the citizen is searching for happiness while the politician tries to snatch as many votes as possible. Choose your strategy wisely to make sure everybody reaches their personal goal.
The University of Skövde in collaboration with Västra Götalandsregionen presents Det Goda Livet, a challenging learning experience designed for play sessions of 5 - 15 minutes during a visit to the museum.

Development Team:
Design & Project Managment: Erik Svedäng
Software Design & Programming: Stefan Hurtig
Sound Design & Music: Jacob Wallén
Art & Animation: Daniel Kaplan, Johan Gren



Due to the nature of this game I can't offer a download at this moment. If you are interested in using the game for educational purposes or in a public environment please contact me.


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