Flipside of the Divine

An award-winning Aztec-themed platform puzzle action game

Winner of the “GoVisual!” competition at Nordisk Filmfestival, Fredrikshavn, Denmark November 2007, Flipside of the Divine was made in spring 2007 for a university course on game development. It is programmed in C++ using the OGRE engine.

Flipside of the Divine is a unique action game set in the world of the ancient Aztec mythology. You play the role of an eagle warrior and your goal is to find a way through the dangerous and deceptive world of Flipside. By manipulating platforms and flipping enemies down into the abyss you have to use both your mind and your fighting skills to get to the portal that will take you to the next level!

Development team:
Lead Design: Erik Svedäng
Lead Artist: Daniel Kaplan
Lead Programmer: Pernilla Akterhall
Design: Stefan Hurtig, Markus Nurmimäki, Björn Öjlert
Art: Johan Gren, Daniel Rydin, Johan Åberg
Programming: Petter Mabäcker, Andreas Sundin

Official site


Flipside of the Divine, beta (~47 MB)
Notes: Extract to which folder you want and run the "Run Flipside.bat" from the bin folder. Choose the Direct3d renderer.
If you get a black screen at the first level, just push the R button on your keyboard.


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