Master Debater

A sidescrolling quasi-RPG

Master Debater is a role-playing game-like game centred around character interactions and philosophical (and not so philosophical) debates. Talk to people to find out their goals and problems, and perhaps also their philosophical weaknesses.

It is built on the "Ninja Game Engine" and has been in sporadic development for some time, and I am finally able to offer a beta download of the demo. The demo is, when finished, supposed to be a sort-of prequel to the actual game, although because of the game's non-linear nature, only one story path will be the correct one.


Download Master Debater Demo beta (~16.0 MB) (Updated 5/16 -09)
(if the game runs very slow, try unchecking "Shaders" and "Line smoothing" in the Config menu, and restart the game. If it doesn't run at all, do this manually by opening "config.txt" in the "Config" folder, and change the "shaders" and "linesmooth" options to 0)


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