Nuclear Knights

A side-scrolling tactical game

Nuclear Knights was developed in early 2006 for a university course on game development. It is written in C++ and uses SDL for graphics.

It is a hard-to-define game, with elements similar to both Lemmings and Metal Slug (and if you've played those games, you know they are pretty different; one a slow puzzle game, the other an intense shooter). You take on the role of the leader of a desert country, Nuclearistan, and your goal is to stop an inspector from the World Nuclear Authority from finding your nuclear weapons stockpile. At your disposal, you have three different types of soldiers: A guy with a bat, a sniper, and a bomber. They all try to take out the inspector in different ways, and you will have to carefully time their placement in order to successfully assassinate him.

Development team:
Lead Design: Jacob Wallén
Level and additional Design: Stefan Hurtig
Lead Artist: Emil Berner
Artists: David Ljungstedt, Andreas Karlsson
Programming: Petter Mabäcker, Andreas Sundin, Stefan Hurtig
Music: Jacob Wallén
Sound: Stefan Hurtig


Nuclear Knights (~8.5 MB)


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