Galactic Timeline

A timline of major galactic events, spanning tens of thousands of years

All years are marked in the Common Calendar (year CC, equivalent to 1.05 Earthly years)

c. -20000 An unknown species, possibly extinct and possibly not even indigenous to the galaxy brings humans to live on at least five planets. This is known through records that were found and which turned out to be correct. Humans were originally native to the far-away planet Tellus.

c. -6500 First known galactic space-faring attempts. Found primitive probes were dated to this age, but there are no recorded historical sources documenting the events, nor any known nearby civilisations.

-5874 Burgh City, later to become the seat for the Senate of Planets is founded on Snuggo.

c. -4000 First primitive faster than light propulsion and communication technology developed on Aquillion and a few centuries later similar technology was developed on Snuggo. The technology is known as space warping tech and sub-space crystal communication respectively.

-214 Anti-gravitation device is invented on planet Syko after years of R&D

0 Formation of the Five Star Union. Leaders on planets Levail, Syko, Cursid, Muinimula and Lan-Golia signs interstellar peace-treaty. The first in recent recorded
galactic history.

40 Breakthrough in hyperspace physics and tachyonics results in invention of the hyperwave transmitter. The members of the FSU could now communicate in near real-time. Much to everyone's surprise, the dominant sentient species on all five worlds appear to be genetically compatible with each other. The reason for this was not discovered until 927 CC, when the first contact between the FSU and the Galactic Republic occurred.

58 A hyperwave information network between the members of the Union is opened to the public. Scientists use it to exchange findings and theories with extrasolar colleagues.

71 The first hyperspace propulsion device, called hyperdrive, is constructed. A result of the combined efforts of scientists and engineers on mainly Cursid and Levail, this allowed for brave people in the FSU to actually visit the other worlds. It took several years before the technology was ready for organic sentients to use it in such a fashion, and it was at first mainly used for electronic probes and testing computers.

102 First sentient being, a human from Levail, travels from his home-world to Muinimula. The 6 lightyear long trip took about a galactic standard month and the person never returned home.

737 Evil wizard Arnul Storm sends an enchanted asteroid from the Gorex asteroid belt to collide with Cursid, placing the infamous curse upon the planet. Storm was caught by FSU police due to a malfunction in the cloaking device on his spaceship, caused by Starla Aelin and Aren Mofser. Arnul Storm is believed to have been killed in an accident on his way to a remote prison planet.

830 Unknown to the FSU, the First Galactic Republic is formed between a few dozen systems, including Snuggo, Malvukia and Alcaza. Snuggo is chosen to be the capital. "First" is a name assigned later when the Republic was re-established. Until its fall, the Republic was known simply as the "Galactic Republic".

932 The FSU signs the constitution and joins the Galactic Republic.

1232 The members of the Republic are now numbering in the thousands and as a result the work in the Senate of Planets is almost impossible. During a ten-year period the Senate is reorganised.

1330 In celebration of the 500th anniversary of the formation of the Galactic Republic the Senate of Planets decides to lift the ban on private colonisation of uninhabited systems. Only official Republic colonisers and mining organisations with special permissions had the authority to colonise before.

2021 Repeated invasions from Unlaihen Space cause the Republic to fall. Senate building on Snuggo is destroyed. Planets are left to defend themselves the best they can. The old Republic Starfleet is scattered throughout the galaxy but does its best to repel the invaders.

2032 Xerevian invaders attack the planet Muinimula. Muinimula's defenses was severly weakened in the chaos that erupted from the Unlaihen attacks and the planet eventually fell. The invaders started an extinction program for the survivors of the orbital bombardments. Since nothing more was heard from the planet, the rest of the galaxy assumed it had been destroyed, or at least left completely barren and void of anything but the most primitive life. In reality, the human population remained, though their numbers decimated, but their technology was set back to a pre-industrial state.

2145 The last of the Unlaihen forces are driven out the galaxy, partly thanks to vastly improved energy weapons, but also the ingenious tactics of one Shinja Barli of Snuggo, leader of the rebellion against the Unlaihen invaders.

2152 The Galactic Republic is re-established and Shinja Barli voted to be the first leader. Most original member systems not lost during the wars returns to join the Republic. Nearly two thousand years of peace follows, a time later to be known as Galactic Peace.

2451 A new attack from the Unlaihens is foiled thanks to a person accidentally stumbling upon their new super-weapon; a massive gravitational bomb targeted at the core systems of the Republic. The person, named Arne from the planet Rne, manages to reprogram the bomb to return to its makers. The Unlaihens are never heard from again.

2502 More peaceful Xerevians depart from their aggressive people to live on a planet known as Squeakia. It is void of any advanced sentient life. Over time, the Xerevians evolve distinct features (probably through the help of genetic modifications) and call themselves Squeaks, instead of Xerevians. Squeakia eventually joins the republic.

2894 Robot Revolt on Mersia VI. War-robots flee from their masters to a remote system in the Far Reaches which they call Droidia; a place for all robots to leave in freedom and peace. They declare independence from the Republic. Some robots, upon hearing the news abandon their
masters and goes to Droidia, but many stay. The incident leads to much better treatment of robots, which prior to the event had been treated much like slaves. They are given the same constitutional rights as organic self-aware species. Ironically, even the robots on Droidia used non-self-aware robots for certain tasks.

3640 With the aid of the Squeaks, an attack on the Republic from the Xerev Empire is foiled, and indeed most of the Empire, which constisted mostly of occupied systems,
is disbanded.

3643 Muinimula is rediscovered and in the process Xerev is destroyed by a powerful interstellar bomb launched from Muinimula. It takes many years to restore the planet to the technological state it once had.

3978 Squeakia is reformed into an empire and gains power. They slowly start taking over worlds until they have an influence on almost a quarter of the galaxy. The Senate decides that they have become a serious threat to stability and the Squeak Wars begin.

4222 The Squeak Empire is crushed and the emperor killed, thanks to High Commander Antioni Gjovani from Snuggo. The planet Hunter offered their fleet and armies to aid the Republic and proved to be crucial to the war. Gjovani was promoted to the very prestigious rank of Grand
Admiral of the Republic Starfleet for his achievements. Squeakia is banned from the Republic for 200 years.

4342 The deadly Death Bugs, gigantic beatle-shaped electric insects from the inhospitable planet Necrophoria terrorises some heavily populated systems. The mother bug is killed, which cause the bugs to either die or return to Necrophoria. Some Death Bugs are known to have taken residence on some planets and asteroids, though it is unknown whether they came from the attacks or moved there earlier or later.

4560 Several criminal groups are operating throughout the galaxy. Eventually, they destroy each other. Some major corporations are confirmed to have had affiliations with the
groups, and a few even perished with them.

4850 The Secret Squeak Empire, a secret conspiracy, corrupts the Interstellar Police Force and tries to overthrow the Republic. They are stopped by a handful of people and not many in the rest of galaxy ever noticed anything. However, it was brought to the attention of the
Senate that there had indeed been a plot, and that the police force had been corrupted not to do anything about it. It was replaced by a new police controlled directly by the

4985The Great Wormhole War starts. Expansionistic aliens from a distant galaxy use a natural wormhole to invade the galaxy and attack everyone, not only the Republic. The war is ended by a massive attack on their wormhole defense base, which resulted in the destruction
of the wormhole.

5132 War again. Aggressors: Religious cultist, believing that technology is evil and will doom the galaxy. They manage to steal a number of battle cruisers and gain followers on many worlds, starting riots all over the galaxy. The robots on Droidia sees it as a noble cause and
decides to join the pro-technology forces. The cultists are defeated on the day of the 3000th anniversary of the Second Galactic Republic, and are banished to a planet beyond the Far Reaches, where they are allowed to live without advanced technology.

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